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For deviantArt's 14th Birthday, I've been encouraged by Heidi to dig out at least five dA entries that illustrate the 'journey' I have taken throughout my dA membership. Back when I joined in January 2003, you had two choices for submitting and browsing artwork that took a furry slant: Elfwood (which was awkward to navigate) or VCL (who had a strict, peer-reviewed registration). Failing the 'exam' for the latter, I decided to register an account within this little known, underground art website known as deviantArt. Of course, many other websites have emerged over the course of time, such as FurAffinity, Weasl, Inkbunny, as well as more blog-centric art gallery websites, and of course, the art websites with more lascivious means. However, I still actively use my dA account to showcase photography of mine that meet the standards of my inner critic, often to some interesting comments.

So in accordance with the awkward rich-editing mode of Sta.shWriter, here are seven (half of 14) entries:
Gourry The Wuffie by ggeudraco Fella rides the wolves by ggeudraco Punting at the River Cherwell by ggeudraco Secret Fursuit Laboratory Photoshoot by ggeudraco Opening Ceremony: Rings 2 by ggeudraco Odin The Chocobo 4 by ggeudraco Wavefunction or Electron Density? by ggeudraco

1 - Overexposed First Fursuit (2003) Taken during my first attendance of a furmeet in London, this would have been the first time that I had even tried on a fursuit. A properly exposed photograph of this event still sticks deep into my memory, often catalysing memories of a less formal (albeit more dictatorial) LondonFur history.
2 - dA Fella riding a wolf (2008) Taken during the 'Fella Round The World' contest, with the dA mascot riding a then recent art installation at the University of Surrey. Having a photograph of you riding the wolves during your graduation ceremony was supposed to be adopted as a Surrey tradition, although I don't know if it ever caught on.
3 - Mini-EuDraco at the River Cherwell (2013) On a punt at Oxford, with a group of roughly 20 Christians. I was always known to be quirky in my ways, and I didn't fail during this event, deciding to take a travelling companion with me. This miniature, plush version of the dragon I associate myself tends to go to various events, acting as a means of curiosity, amusement and conversation to members of the public.
4 - Fursuit Photoshoot (2012) My fursuit had just been recently delivered to me at this time, and this was the first official use of the complete setup. deviantArt wanted users to design and submit Christmas cards for distribution to hospitals through the US and UK, and the idea of having myself in pelle doing chemistry immediately popped up in my mind.
Organising this photoshoot was awkward, with laboratory technicians playing the bureaucracy card and consistently delaying proceedings. However, one maverick member of laboratory staff had juristiction for a single laboratory, and upon hearing of my plight offered a timeslot, laboratory supplies and his office as a changing room; all within a 48-hour period. The photos were taken, cards printed, and sent off to dA HQ just in time to meet their deadline.
5 - London 2012 Opening Ceremony (2012) I milk this shot quite a lot, but it just demonstrates the wonder experienced and shared regarding a once-in-a-lifetime event. I did my best to experience as much of London 2012 as possible, getting integrated and keeping loyal dA viewers entertained with a better view of the vicinity surrounding the Olympic Park.
6 - Meeting Chocobo Girl (2014) From a small section of window in 2012, I managed to catch sight of a little girl in a chocobo costume. A couple of sneaky camera shots shown off on dA and permission from the parents to publish on the website of a national newspaper led to a lot of exposure for this little girl, and a friendship of sorts starting. Every time that there's a Final Fantasy event in London, I make it a task to seek her out, and this photograph shows the last attempt: myself in pelle offering her a gift of a chocobo feather.
7 - Arguing over the atom (2013) I never thought that in my life, I would have been doing research that counted towards a PhD. It was hardly a smooth affair, with a very cynical aftertaste from my four and a half years of academia, which was not helped by unsupportive staff. However, I gained a far greater appreciation towards my specialist subject (computational chemistry), and this illustration made it to the personal page of my PhD thesis, with my dragon on the side of the wavefunction, while I took on the role of electron density, in a battle over what describes the atom better.

Looking back at the work archived within my deviantArt account, I learn that my life has been well enriched, even if it has been plagued with negative events.
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Almiras Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I made the jump from Elfwood/VCL to DA too :) though for me it was a couple of years later than yourself.

My favourite of the above have to be 4, 5 and 7 =D
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August 22, 2014